Cox Planning Solutions
Cox Planning solutions needed a new brand identity for their environmental planning business. My approach to this project was rooted in understanding the business's mission and vision. I created a brand identity that favored a bold, modern look and communicated their desire to be viewed as experts in the field, while displaying their commitment to sustainable practices.
Establishing Core Elements: I defined the core elements of the brand identity, which included the logo, color scheme, typography, and visual style. These elements were carefully chosen to align with the business's eco-friendly ethos.
Logo Design: The logo was designed to represent the business's focus on environmental planning. It consists of shapes that represent a leaf and a bridge, to evoke a sense of harmony with nature.
Color Palette: The original color palette I picked for the client reinforced with the environmental theme, through the use of earth tones, greens and blues tones. However, the client wanted to take this in a different direction, and requested the additions highly saturated blue and orange to provide boldness and contrast. 
Typography: The choice of typography was chosen for legibility and scalability while maintaining an eco-conscious touch.

The brand identity and website serve as a visual and emotional anchor for the environmental planning business. The brand not only reflects their dedication to sustainable practices but also provides a cohesive and appealing image to present to their clients and partners. This project exemplifies my ability to translate the core values of a business into a compelling and distinctive brand identity, fostering a strong connection with its audience.

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